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We are artisan food producers ranging from cookies to pizza. Our collective experiences allow us to bring you gut-healthy, delicious baked goods with clean, simple ingredients.

The Art of Fermentation

Our full flavored leavened cookies, pizza crusts & flatbreads are handmade without any preservatives or additives. Using old-world baking techniques, a sourdough starter, and a few all natural ingredients has enabled us to bring great tasting, good-for-you Mediterranean inspired foods for all to enjoy. Staying faithful to clean ingredients and our baking techniques allows L’nando to produce foods that your gut will thank you for eating.

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We use a 12 year old sourdough starter that gives you a better taste and clean gut-friendly carbs that are easy to digest.


Sourdough adds a delicious tang and complexity to grain products. From savory to sweet, the dimension added can’t compare with regular wheat products. Once you switch to eating traditionally fermented grains, regular grains seem sub-par and lacking flavor.


Switching to grains fermented with sourdough starter reduces the amount of phytic acid present in the grains, and allows the nutrients (like folate) to become more bio-available. Your body then can more easily absorb these nutrients.


Fermented grains actually contain less gluten than unfermented. The good bacteria and yeast help break down the gluten, making it easier for your body to digest. Those who have difficulty digesting grains may be able to tolerate long-fermented sourdough products. Those with celiac disease still should avoid any glutinous grains, even fermented ones.

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