We are passionate about healthy products.

Feel the difference with our ancient techniques and easy to digest gut friendly carbs

L'nando is a local, artisanal foods company. We offer authentic, quality, handmade, delicious, artisanal pizzas, flatbreads and baked goods derived from family recipes dating back to the Persian Empire. The search for quality good-for-you foods with clean ingredient lines and no preservatives was the start of L’nando.

This search brought us to old-world baking techniques and the use of a sourdough starter to produce great tasting Mediterranean baked goods and pizza with clean ingredients lines and important nutritional benefits.

All of our delicious baked goods are made from scratch, using nothing less than high quality ingredients. You'll never find any chemical additives in our products. You will soon understand why our customers keep coming back for more of our Mediterranean inspired savory pizzas, flat breads and baked goods.

Our breads have been featured in Whole Foods stores throughout the Northeast.